The Fine Print


Addition of other items will result in tax and shipping charges being applied.

Alcohol can not be shipped any faster than FedEx Ground, so please plan accordingly.

Only available in the US, at this time.

The Perfect Martini Set

The Black Manhattan &

Old Fashioned Set

The Champagne & Glickman Family Latke Recipe Set


A Quick Note about Shipping

To ensure shipping before the holidays we recommend the following final ship dates


For delivery by the First Night of Hanukkah

Western US - 11/19

Central US - 11/22

Southern US - 11/23

Northeast US - 11/24


For delivery by Christmas Eve

Western US - 12/17

Central US - 12/20

Southern US - 12/21

Northeast US - 12/22

NY States -12/23 (For rural areas allow an extra day)